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Why choose a stove?

A real fire is a beautiful and romantic source of heat which creates a warm, cosy atmosphere. There is nothing quite like settling down and watching the flames flickering in the stove as a comfortable warmth spreads through the room. A real wood burning stove is an integral part of the room and provides a wonderful focal point for the entire family during the colder months of the year.

When the weather outside begins to chill, a stove naturally becomes the heart of the home. A central focal point for all the family. It is therefore essential to choose the right stove for you and yours; that's where Stoves of Worcester's experience can help.

A stove brings the family together - all members, young and old, can work together to split the logs, bring in firewood and feed the fire. Enjoy the timelessness of a natural flame, combined with the modern technology of clean burn and air flow systems.

Using a wood burning stove to heat your home is a natural process which does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. All the stoves we stock make effective use of thermal energy and are very environmentally friendly.

Not only is a stove an attractive and efficient addition to your home, but it is also offers real economic benefits too. In fact, it is often possible to recoup the investment in a new wood burning stove over a very short period of time.

All the brands we stock are renowned for their high quality craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail. Our highly experienced installation engineers and excellent after-sales policy will leave you safe in the knowledge that your stove will not only last for many years, but will perform to the highest levels of efficiency and environmental standards

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